January 2016

I made this mask for Mardi Gras out of a moldable plastic mesh, electrical tape, yarn, a city block’s length of thread, three sticks of hot glue, and terrycloth. I hand-stitched the edges to give it a round shape, ensuring my ears are wholly covered and warm. A taut elastic strap across the back (also covered in terrycloth) keeps it firmly in place on my head.

If you’d like to commission a custom-made mask for your own slow debauchery, contact me with your ideas and head measurements and we can discuss prices.

I’m rather new to mask making, and I’m eager to gain more crafting experience. I’ll charge a lower hourly rate than most to reflect my amateur status. Just enough to cover the cost of supplies and account for my time (well spent).



Email me at

All my masks can be delivered by bicycle if you’re close by, shipped if you’re not.

Some other work from previous festivities:


I was a peacock spider (sorry for the blurs).

And this halloween I was Klaus Nomi.



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